We Are

PathwaysLinked believes in changing t​he world one life at a time by guiding clients to relevance.  In our world relevance is defined as achieving a state of meaningful, valued impact on the people, places, and circumstances surrounding one, while glorifying God. PathwaysLinked considers its mission accomplished when a client has obtained this state.

PathwaysLinked was created by John Marshall, a Canadian Life Coach inmate incarcerated in the United States Federal Bureau of Prisons, who sought a permanent change to his own life and past behaviors so that he could begin repairing the damage he had caused. To achieve this change John recognized the need to undertake a powerful journey of transformation.  From the onset: of John’s own transformative journey he saw that an integral part of his own journey was to facilitate change in others.

To this end John created PLC #1 “The Prison Paradigm” and now PathwaysLinked  is the by-product of John’s on-going journey with God and facilitating change in others.   Finally, after 6 years in prison and coaching, mentoring and pastoring 100 of men John is ready to share this experience with the outside world.

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