I accept and welcome change

I am comfortable with change. I know that change is normal and occurs regularly throughout life. Change is part of the universe’s plan. After all, look where we would be if nothing ever changed!

I am happy with the change because it brings variety and new things

Change makes life more exciting and fun. I get to enjoy new experiences and adventures anytime I want. All I need to do is make a small change to my daily routine and the rest of the day can be a new experience.

I resist allowing an uncertain world to affect me

I am able to feel safe during uncertainty. I put aside worries about the future and focus on getting the most from the present moment.Many changes bring benefits that I appreciate. Other changes are upsetting, but I seek the silver lining. When changes are sad, I get through them as best as I can and look forward to happier times.

I focus on the positive aspects of change

When I get in a traffic jam, I put on music I love. When I have to learn new software at work, I find something about it I enjoy and that gets me through the parts that can be frustrating.Today, I understand that change is inevitable, and I am okay with that. I welcome change into my life. I plan for it when I can, and go with it when it is unexpected.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. What can I do to make change easier for me?

2. How can I help my kids, friends, and family learn to embrace change?

3. Is it possible to deal with negative changes without frustration? How?