Paradigm Training Continued

The teachers’ manual that accompanies this course covers every aspect of the training from teaching and group discussions to dealing with one-on-one sessions.

Although originally designed for working with the unique issues of inmates, the core principles are just as relevant to everyone, and especially useful to young adults between the ages of 18 and 30. The concept of being who you were created to be versus doing (just getting along) is at the heart of the model.

Paradigm Thinking: The Mission

Guide individuals through the relevant paradigm shifts that renew self-worth, worthiness and personal fulfillment.

Aid individuals seeking accountability by holding them responsible to themselves, their actions and circumstances.


Why Paradigm Thinking

Society has been unwilling to teach people the basic disciplines and knowledge that allow an individual to live a relevant life regardless of their background, circumstance or current vocation.  By teaching Paradigm Thinking and coaching individuals to a life of relevance we fulfill our own life purposes, honor our values and live lives of relevance.

What is Paradigm Thinking

  • A cell group coaching program guiding individuals to the awareness and control of the mental skills necessary to live a relevant life.
  • Focused specifically on the unique needs of the prison population to facilitate the Paradigm Shifts necessary to reduce the risk of re-offending.
  • A 12 week program examining macro and micro issues affecting individuals’ lives. Participants are moved from unconsciousness to consciousness, from static to dynamic and reactivity to pro-activity.


  • Deal with emotions.
  • Recognize the effects of anger, perfectionism, shame and self-esteem in individuals.
  • Examine the elements of a human.
  • Deal with the Here & Now.
  • Move from an outcome oriented life to one of balance and process.
  • Understand why we do what we know is wrong and not what we know is right.
  • Use Looking-in Wheel.
  • Articulate the macro and micro elements of an individual’s life.
  • Experience the benefits of healthy communications.
  • Discover your Life Purpose.
  •  Define values and understand the effect on an individual’s life.
  • Create a personal definition of success at a macro and micro level.
  • Understand the need and use of goals.
  • Begin to create a Life Plan.

What you will not learn

How to get rich quick, trade stocks, untangle global economics, resolve current global issues or get out of prison quicker.

BELIEFS OF Paradigm Thinking

  • “If you do what you have always done you will only get what you have already gotten.”
  • That Paradigm Thinking is a deep personal journey.
  • Life is a constant journey and process, not a destination.
  • Life’s greatest joys come from Being in the moment.
  • You are naturally creative, resourceful and whole.
  • You are accountable and responsible for your own actions and emotions.
  • To create lasting change in your life you must focus on the whole person in the Here and Now.
  • You will do more to avoid pain than to gain pleasure.
  • “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, but expecting a different outcome.”
  • Making consistently better choices will lead to a better quality of life.
  • There is no magic pill or formula.
  • We cannot do this for you.
  • Paradigm Thinking is only one step to becoming and achieving your highest purpose.
  • The truth will set you free.