Being a woman makes me feel powerful

Having the ability to bring life into the world empowers me. Being a conduit for continuity and longevity makes me value my point of view. I know that my value is greater than what is often projected by society.

Having emotional intelligence is a blessing

It allows me to balance the facts with perspective. It prevents me from making hasty decisions based on what is in front of me.I treasure my male counterpart because I believe we come together to create a balanced existence. I offer the nurturing guidance that builds nations and incites courage.Being a woman means taking responsibility for the message sent to the younger generation. It means using my voice positively as an often-underestimated force.It also means showing that I am just as capable as anyone else to achieve greatness.This is important in a world where many are marginalized. I have the natural instincts to uplift others and give them hope and drive.

My power comes from embracing beauty on the inside and outside

I know that it iso kay to be tough while having a tender heart and soul.

Today, my womanhood is my everlasting strength

I hold strong to my existence because it is the source of my intelligence, wisdom, and kindness. Being powerful means being true to who I am and avoid allowing the world to define me.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. As a woman, how am I challenged professionally?
2. Am I required to do anything extra to gain the respect that a man typically gains?
3. Where do I turn to for inspiration and drive?